25 ago. 2015

RadioNowhere at Elefant Party - 15.August.2015 - The Lexington, London, UK

  Fotos y crónica de RadioNowhere de nuestro paso por Londres, además tuvimos una agradable charla que pronto será publicada en forma de podcast, muchas gracias a Christopher y Ana
 Review Elefant UK Party by RadioNowhere
Los Bonsáis play the best clean songs
We had the pleasure of chatting to Nel and Helena early in the evening to find out what they’ve been up to and the plans for their new record which will be coming out early next year. For this, we attempted doing some simultaneous translation for the first time which resulted in a lot of giggling and bewilderment from everyone involved (hopefully to be edited before it reaches your ears - the interview will be broadcast soon on The Vinyl Dungeon - follow us on Twitter @vinyldungeon/@radionowhereuk for more details.) Later that evening, the Asturian band took to the stage to delight us with a set which included some great 'clean' songs, classics, material from their latest album Nordeste and a genius cover in Spanish of Part Time Punks by Television Personalities. We were also very excited to get copies of Temporal, the fanzine produced by Los Bonsáis which is dedicated to independent and alternative pop culture.

photo credit: radionowhere.org

photo credit: radionowhere.org
photo credit: radionowhere.org

photo credit: radionowhere.org

21 ago. 2015

Retorno de Londres y Manchester

 The Lexinton (Londres) 15-08-15

Salford, Manchester y Manchester Popfest.

Many thanks to: Elefant Uk, Liz,Tim, The School, Papa Topo, Ana, Christopher, Radio Nowhere, Manchester Popfest, Andrew, James and all the people in the world!

9 ago. 2015

Podcast Indietracks 2015: "TRUST THE WIZARDS"

"TRUST THE WIZARDS" Podcast Indietracks 2015! Sobre el 12:30 hablan de nuestro concierto!

Festival Review: Indietracks 2015 | Music on The Indiependent

"I went to see the Spanish noise-pop duo Los Bonsais. Signed to Elefant Records, the band were refreshing as they sung in their native language, and backed that up with shoegaze influenced chorus on the guitars. They blasted through their set with some infectiously short songs,  the sunny backdrop providing a relaxed atmosphere"