9 feb. 2016

Spanish Indie 25: suggesting the best national bands

This section has been hibernating for too long. Not anymore. Many exciting national discoveries are ready to blow your mind. 


Los Bonsáis. Hailing from Asturias (Gijón and Llanes) Helena Toraño and Nel González joinedforces, at first a very casual affair, on April of 2010, recording homemade demo 'La Mecedora', in just a matter of months that circulated among friends. A year later they doubled the bet with the demos EP 'Ultramar' and single 'Es Mejor/ Un instante', recorded with our friends Linda Guilala and impressing the wise people at Elefant Records who quickly signed them and released the proper debut EP 'Ultramarinos' in January 2012, collecting four of their best initial tunes and following in at the start of 2013 first LP 'Martin Pescador'. A delightful punk-pop reality, the lovely duo appeared in Family and Los Planetas' tribute records during 2014, warming-up for 2015, on which they came out wit sophomore album 'Nordeste' in February and '¡Fanzine! EP in November, on which they cover The PastelsBlack Tambourine, Television Personalities and The Vaselines. Echoing the aforementioned bands as well as Marine Girls,Talulah Gosh or Shop Assistants, Los Bonsáis are one of our best kept secrets... revealed. Instant, shaky, irresistible love.


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