31 jul. 2015

Indietracks Review – Saturday - For The Rabitts


The see-sawing between the indoor and outdoor stages begins here, and it’s straight over to see Los Bonsais take to the de-facto main stage. The Asturian duo have expanded to a trio since we last saw them, with the drum machines replaced rather predictably with a drummer. In word perfect English they explain early in their set that they don’t speak English, they then proceed to run through a riotous set of the best moments of their two mini EP’s Nordeste and Martin Pescador as well as a few new tracks, and a cover of Television Personalities classic, Part Time Punks translated back into Spanish. At least, that’s what we think it was! The language barrier seems to prevent the crowd full embracing their fuzzy scuzzy guitars meets laid back Velvet Underground vocals styling, but what a joy it is that they’ve found a festival willing to give the audience the chance to try it in the first place.


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